Customer Usecases

See why companies choose Sparrow

SJ SoftTech

SJ Soft Tech, a mobile content and enterprise communication solution provider, chose
Sparrow Cloud’s dynamic analysis because they needed a vulnerability analysis report.
They used the vulnerability diagnosis report to submit the analysis results and improved
the product based on the diagnosed vulnerabilities to meet the needs of their clients.

SR Center

SR Center is an information security consulting company that chose Sparrow Cloud to
analyze the vulnerabilities of client/outsourced software. They were able to save costs
by analyzing vulnerabilities at a lower cost compared to the on-premises solution.
They were also most satisfied with the ability to download analysis results reports and
create an unlimited number of projects.

Gurlim Soft

Gurlim Soft is a company that develops and sells software applicable to GIS-related
businesses. They chose the Sparrow Cloud service to comply with public institutions
and government guidelines. By checking for security vulnerabilities, they were able to
strengthen the security of the software under development and improve the quality of
the product.​