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Sparrow Co., Ltd, the leader in application security testing, announced on July 29 its participation in “Black Hat USA 2021.” Sparrow hosts its virtual booth to introduce its new solutions between August 4 and 5.

This year, Black Hat, one of the world’s largest IT security events, is holding its 24th conference from July 31 to August 5 as a hybrid event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendants may participate in this event free of charge with pre-registration and experience a variety of solutions from global security companies, including Sparrow.

This year, with its new slogan, “Simplify Application Security with Sparrow”, Sparrow will introduce two security solutions: ‘Sparrow Cloud’ and ‘Sparrow SCA’. ‘Sparrow Cloud’ is application security as a service that contains the core of Sparrow’s market-leading solutions, Sparrow SAST/SAQT and Sparrow DAST. This cloud-based service helps users to diagnose application security and quality by performing static and dynamic analysis anytime and anywhere at minimum cost.

To effectively enhance application security in the face of increasing cyber threats, it is critical to apply both static and dynamic analysis to the software development life cycle. With Sparrow Cloud, users can run both analyses on a single platform. Its powerful analysis capability and intuitive UI with detailed descriptions of detected vulnerabilities, even developers who are not familiar with security testing tools can easily manage security vulnerabilities.

Sparrow will introduce its open-source management solution, Sparrow SCA, as well. Sparrow SCA automatically identifies open-source software in use and detects security vulnerabilities in the source code and binary.

Ilsoo Chang, Sparrow’s CEO stated “As President Biden stipulates detailed regulation for strengthening security, it is important to prove that the application is developed in a secure environment. Sparrow, with its security solutions, can help companies to proactively respond to cyber threats”.