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Sparrow Co., Ltd. is showcasing its application security and quality solutions and services at the 28th Japan IT Week Spring 2019

Japan IT Week Spring 2019, the largest IT trade show in Japan, is being held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 8 to 10. Sparrow has participated in this event for two consecutive years with its application security and quality on-premises solutions and cloud services. Sparrow is receiving great attention and inquiries about its solutions from prospective customers.

Sparrow has introduced its application security and quality solutions that include; 1) Sparrow SAST (static application security testing), a solution that can detect security vulnerabilities and runtime errors on the source code, 2) Sparrow SAQT (static application quality testing), a solution to analyze and detect application quality defects, 3) Sparrow DAST (dynamic application security testing), a solution that can analyze and detect the security vulnerabilities on web applications, 4) Sparrow RASP (runtime application self-protection), a solution that can detect and block attacks against application in a runtime environment, and 5) Sparrow InteractiveHub, a management platform that can manage the interactions and vulnerabilities of other application security and quality solutions.

Sparrow also introduced its SAST and DAST solution as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud service to meet the needs of companies that do not need an on-premises solution.

Sparrow’s analysis solution received various authentications including CC, CWE, and ISO26262, and comply with a variety of global security and quality compliance standards such as CWE, OWASP, CERT C/C ++, MISRA C/C++, and BSSC C/C++A visitor from the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) regards Sparrow as a suitable tool for certification-related work because it meets a wide range of international standards and is a highly reliable product with various certifications.

Sparrow’s CEO Ilsoo Chang stated, “Since Sparrow was first introduced in the Japanese market, sales have increased steadily in the past two years. During the Japan IT Week, Sparrow has received many in-depth inquiries and demo requests from major Japanese corporations and customers including Mitsubishi. “He also stated that “in the next three years, Sparrow will be able to raise brand awareness and generate meaningful sales volume with its introduction of cloud.”