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Fasoo, the leader in Data and Application Security, will be showcasing their newly expanded interactive application security platform, Sparrow, at AppSec USA 2017 in Orlando, FL.

Visitors to Fasoo’s booth will see demonstrations of a new expanded machine learning based interactive application security platform, Sparrow, that will include not only its static application security testing (SAST) tool, which received 94.8 rating from OWASP and was listed in the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing, but also its new dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool and runtime application self-protection (RASP) tool. All of these testing tools are managed by Sparrow’s new InteractiveHUB which can combine data and result in an interactive interface as well as provide an API for other analysis tools.

According to a recent Gartner report, more than 75% of cyber-attacks are on the application level, however, companies have only invested 10% of its dollars to application security. Also, about two-thirds of all web applications are vulnerable since they have never been tested for potential vulnerabilities.

Existing technologies like SAST, DAST, and RASP are powerful tools, however, they are limited. For example, SAST helps companies to detect potential vulnerabilities in their source code, however, it has an issue with accuracy. DAST allows companies to mimic real attacks to test the site’s vulnerabilities, however, it does not show where the actual problems are. Finally, RASP helps to protect applications in real-time similar to a firewall, however, it can only stop a limited amount of attacks and would not completely eliminate the actual risk.

To solve and to overcome these limitations, Fasoo is launching a new interactive application security platform. These new interactive solutions include Sparrow SAST, DAST, RASP, and InteractiveHUB. Each testing solution’s result will be forwarded to the InteractiveHUB, an interactive analysis platform that collects and combines all the data and results to provide seamless interaction and integration of all tools. The InteractiveHUB will adjust the process or analysis approach of other solutions to complement other tools’ weaknesses to provide a more comprehensive analysis and security solution in order to mitigate possible risks.

Fasoo will be located at booth #G2 at AppSec USA 2017 which will be held at Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL from September 20-22, 2017.